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Easy Solar puts your power back in your hands, helping reduce expenses towards electricity & generator fuel.

We offer a wide range of solutions for home, business and industrial purposes, with sales services to help clients find their ideal system to fit their needs and after-sales to maintain their system.

We cover the full value chain of the power project lifecycle including energy audits, engineering, procurement and construction services, as well as operations and maintenance, and financing.

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Our power solutions

Ready to make power cuts and constant expenditure of fuel a thing of the past? Upgrade to solar to enjoy unlimited power during the day and increased flexibility after hours.

...Home & Small Businesses

Solar PV & UPS Solutions

Say goodbye to blackouts, with Easy Solar’s range of solar PV and backup battery (UPS) solutions for homes and small businesses, ranging from 500VA - 10kVA.

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...Commercial & Industrial

Large Scale Solutions

Easy Solar offers grid-tied/ fuel saver solar plants for larger Commercial and Industrial installations.
We cover complete EPC services and financing arrangements.

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