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Home & Small Business

Ready to make power cuts and constant expenditure of fuel a thing of the past?

Our Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) stores energy in the batteries while grid electricity supply is available. Whenever power outages occur, it will automatically provide instant backup power for a limited duration, without any power interruption.

Upgrade to solar to enjoy unlimited power during the day and increased flexibility after hours.


Basic Range (500VA - 1.6kVA)

Power the Essentials

Suitable for:Small homes (1-2 bedrooms), office,& schools.
The system can power your essentials: A few lights, fans, laptop, Wifi, TV, DSTV, & a small fridge
UPS system:Inverter
2-4 220Ah 12V Gel Batteries
Battery Monitor
Solar:Upgrade by adding 2-4 panels

Enjoy Range (3 - 5kVA)

Power for Peace of Mind

Suitable for:Medium sized homes (2-4 bedrooms), offices, schools, banks, backup for server room, small scale clinic/hospitals.
In addition to the basic range, power your AC, printer, desktop, freezer, water pump, water heater, microwave, iron.
UPS system:3 - 5 kVA Inverter
4-8 220Ah 12V Gel Batteries
Battery Monitor
Solar:Upgrade by adding 9-18 panels

Comfort Range (10kVA)

Power Your Life

Suitable for:Large homes (4 -6 bedrooms), offices, schools (with computers), medium size clinics or hospitals.
Additional to appliances powered by the Enjoy range, it can power up to 3 ACs and 2 Freezers.
UPS system:10kVA Inverter
2-3 7.6kWh Lithium Batteries
Battery Monitor
Solar:Upgrade by adding 27-36 panels

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