Products and Service

Will my solar lantern or home system work if it’s cloudy?

Yes, even if it is cloudy, there is some sunlight that comes through, which will charge the battery and provide electricity.

What is included in the warranty?

Easy Solar lanterns, home systems and cookstoves have a two year warranty. All large appliances such as TV’s and fans are covered for one year.

Easy Solar’s warranties protect customers from defects from factory faults. Damages from normal wear and tear, alterations, misuse, neglect, accident, service by non-authorized service centers, or acts of God are not covered under these warranties.

How can I get my product repaired/replaced if it gets broken?

If there is a fault with a product, the receiver can bring the broken unit to the nearest shop to be replaced or repaired. As long as it’s within the warranty period, it will be covered free of charge.

Can I use appliances that are NOT from Easy Solar on my solar system?

The mobile phone charger is compatible with nearly all mobile phones. Apart from that, only Easy Solar supplied appliances can be used with our solar systems.

Sender and Receiver

Which country can I send from?

You can send power from any country in the world.

Why can I not send to other countries in Africa?

Easy Solar operates in Sierra Leone and Liberia, but we are starting with this service in Sierra Leone only. We plan to offer online payments to other countries in the medium term.

Why do you need my mobile phone number and email address?

We need these contact details to send you the proof of purchase for the service you bought and to contact you in case we do not manage to perform the delivery/installation, either because the receiver cannot be reached or because the receiver refuses the service. For more details, please check our Privacy Policy.

Why do you need the name and the mobile phone number for the person I am sending power to?

We need these contact details to schedule the delivery/installation with the receiver and to verify his identity when we perform the installation.

Why does the receiver need to sign a contract?

We need to sign a contract stipulating the sale conditions with the end user, regardless of who makes the payments. This contract stipulates Easy Solar’s responsibilities towards the end user, ensuring a high-quality service and gives the end user ownership of the products. We need their signature to confirm they are aware of these sale conditions.

How do I change the details of the sender?

In case you need to change the details of the sender please contact our support team at esend@easysolar.org as soon as possible. After the system has been delivered/installed, the change cannot be made.

How do I change the password on my account?

After login, go to PROFILE at the top of the page, press Security and add your new password.

Can I pay for an existing Easy Solar customer?

You can only pay for new customers for now, but we are working on making payments for existing customers in the near future.


What card types are accepted?

We accept debit and credit cards that are issued by either Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Can I pay with someone else’s card?

Paying with someone else’s card is not allowed.

Why was my card declined?

If your card is declined, the best thing to do is to contact your card issuer’s payments or authorization department who will be able to give you more information. Easy Solar will not be able to see the reasons for a declined card payment.

How is the exchange rate calculated if I do not have a USD or SLL bank account?

If your bank account is not in USD, your bank is the one converting your payment from your bank account currency to USD. This exchange rate is decided by your bank and Easy Solar does not have control over it

Are there any extra fees for paying by card?

There are no extra fees charged by Easy Solar for paying by credit or debit card.


Can I ask for a refund?

A refund can be requested, yet a 5% administration fee will be charged. If the system has already been delivered/installed a refund is no longer possible.

Where can I ask for a refund?

To ask for a refund, please contact our support team at esend@easysolar.org

Can the refund money be given to the receiver?

No. Refunds can be made only to the same bank account from where the payment has been done.

How long does a refund take?

A refund can take up to 20 calendar days from the date of the request.